Mathematics is a stepping stone to higher level coarses and students know from the beginning. That’s why students attitude is food to the subject. Some of the programmes that have made the subject popular in school include:ends School Kamusinga - Kimilili
• Internal Sunday awareness.
• Maths Sunday awareness
• Mathematics club
• Walk through the syllabus
Streams walk towards targets which cumulatively yields to over 120 A’s and also reducing the tail (lastgrade D+).

The department has17 highly motivated and dedicated teachers who impart knoledge to students.Students love the subject and anytime they are free they are solving maths problems.the following are members of the department;

1. Mr. Edwin Namachanja
2. Mr. Alex Liyayi
3. Mr. Charles Munyendo – HOD
4. Mr. Muleyi Godfrey – HOS
5. Mr. Sifuna Jusper
6. Mr. Soita Philemon
7. Mrs. Wangila Violet
8. Mrs. Juma Catherine
9. Mr. Wafula David
10. Mr. Masinde Fredrick
11. Mr. Situma Roland
12. Mr. 13. Mr. Watitwa Barasa
13. Mr. Mwambu Nathan
14. Mr. Makokha Sammy
15. Mr. Munyasia Robert
16. Mr. Omunyin Peter
17. Mr. Mukoche Joel
18. Mr. J.R. Nyongesa
19. Mr. David Wekesa


ENTRY   A    A-    B+    B    B -   C+   C    C-    D+    D   D-   E     Mean
   295   122   34    36   30     21   2 3   17    6       6     0    0     10.0

The head of subject Mr. Godfrey Muleyi plays avitol role in the department by ensuring implementation takes place.

Charles Munyendo

Head of Department



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