Friends School Kamusinga is sponsored by the Elgon Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). It was founded in 1956 by the Quaker Mission (then East African yearly Meeting of Friends). It is recorded to be the first school in Kenya to hold a christian weekend challenge. The school has always involved God in all its programmes hence the reason for the success in both academic and co-corriculum activities since the Bible says “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. Interdenomination Sunday service is held in the school that is attended by the Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and visitors. The enhances unity among the school fraternity. Renowned preachers are invited from all over the country to speak during the service. Apart from the Sunday service, other programmes in the Department include.

C.U(a) Saturday Christian Union fellowhip.
• It is open to the whole school during which teachings on Christian life and holy living are given to the students. It starts from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. student also watch movies and videos that have Christian teaching.

(b) Revival weekend:
• This is held once every term on a Saturday when the whole school comes together to thank God for the so many blessings bestowed upon us as a school.

(c) Weekend challenge/Rally
• Carried out once every year in term one. It is usually the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) after form ones report to school. The school sets a side the two days to focus to God and return Glory back to Him for His favour upon us. During this day, there is evangelism, devotional teachings, preaching, healing salvation and deliverance. God usually performs great wonders. Preachers are invited to preside over the service.

(d) Class worship programmes.
• There are managed by class representatival (pastors) who report to the patron on class spiritual matters. Students have devotions in their classes everyday at the beginning of morning preps and end of evening preps.

(e) House worship programmes
• These are led by house representatives (Pastors). The devotions is held in hostels everyday before students sleep. The hostels are also assigned a Sunday in the term when they present hymns of praise to God. The house representatives report to the Patron on house spiritual matters.

(f) Bible study
• Held on Sundays from 4.00pm to 5.30pm. topical bibilical issues are discussed using guides from K.C.S.F.
(g) General devotions
• Include evening and morning personal prayers by students in the social hall daily.

• There is also prayer and fasting sessions on
Wednesday and Friday at lunch time. During this time student intercede for the school, nation and personal issues. It is encouraged especially for the born-again
students. May the Lord God bless this great school; Friends school Kamusinga. Amen.

Mr. Okumba Leonard – Patron
Mr. Mudoga Paul – Co-Patron


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