Every year, 300 students are selected based on academic merit and quota as per the Kenyan standard education policy. Academic merit is based on performance of the K.C.P.E (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exams. Its quota system sees to it that the school admits boys from every county in the country though with bias to students from public schools as the current education policy requires. Students are admitted on a need-blind basis. At any given time, there are needy students whose tuition and boarding fees are paid by parties other than their parents or guardians.

These later on translate to;

An Average the school’s final year candidates of up to 98% admission into top universities in the country by merit through standard Kenyan public university placement procedures for students who have excelled in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. By virtue of the school’s ranking over the years with most students scoring A, A- and B+, most of the students get into university through merit.